20 Apr 2010

Iceland Volcano eruption

Last week,a volcano eruption in Iceland sent ashes across many parts of Europe,disrupting all the flights around the world!Thousands of passengers have to cancel or change their holiday plans, many of them stuck wherever they were without flights to bring them home.I was so glad then that hubby wasn't still commuting between Asia and Europe else he would be in a difficult situation.
Yesterday,he was supposed to get to work but there's no chopper for him so he can't do any check in,he left for the airport at 5.30am and by 9am he was back home.
This morning,again,he left for the airport at the usual time, choppers were around but they were unable to take off as they were checking on the density of the ashes in the air or whatever so hubby and his colleagues waited at the very packed airport till it is safe to fly.Luckily,by 10am,his company has arranged for them to relax in the function room of a nearby hotel,lunch was served to them as well,that was nice of the company and then by 4pm, he had arrived at work.
So now,I am alone in our bed,missing him terribly and updating my blog.
For the past 2 weeks when hubby was home,we were kept busy with building up the shed,mixing cement,getting the wood,etc. Seriously,I don't remember much of the last 2 weeks,time just seems to fly by whenever we are together. I was always kept busy with my fleece washing,drying and then last Saturday,attended the Spinners and weavers guild.Hired a drum carder for 2 months and carded some raglogs on Sunday,came out rougher than the tops available commercially.However,it is interesting,next thing I wanna do is dyeing.

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